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Rummaging through the convictions of a past long gone.


released February 19, 2014




Le Troubadour de Saint Alizee Denmark

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Track Name: Toxical Heritage
Every moment,
I am here alone,
without you,
can't stand by myself, alone.

Lonely, hands in me,
infusing me toxically,
I am alone.

In a garden,
by a tree,
you are a faint memory.

Infusing me,
Spreading the virus across my body.
Are you ready?

Toxical heritage from,
all of your ancestors,
From, all of your banks,

From, your pagan Gods.

In these crucial moments of existence you cry for me Argentina,
To help you get the bone,
Go on cast the first stone.

I want to get back at you,
Scratch the surface,
Sing to you,

Bang on the door,
Steal the floor,
With your lady, cause she's so shady,
50 shades of gray that is.

Oh lord promise me this day,
you will serve the world an entree.
Track Name: Aisle 7
Half of Sunday's gone,
with this emptiness around me
I follow rivers
never violently.
Brazed and battered
the sun's rays are long gone,
when I hear a loud so long.

Hey, are you awake?
Better start making your amend,
because what awaits me around the bend,
better be my blissful end.

Long lost friend,
A piano key,
halfheartedly beating me down
in an echo of sound.

Harmony carefully chosen
better now then never
stay in this dream forever
and ever
and ever ever
she said never
never without you.

Yet, here I am
selecting my goodbye jam,
breaking the monster in half
when the sun sets
on my behalf.

Shaking all the hands
hearing all the reprimands.

Bless me father for I have sinned,
Son, tell me why you're here ,
Father cause you do a great job at pretending
any other reason why I'm attending.

My list is empty,
humpty-dumpty cracked,
when on the ground smacked,
Backend of your forehand.
Close the coffin, better brew the coffee
Dark and strong
Sip it
Make it worth your while
When I walk the aisle
When I walk the aisle

When I walk aisle 7.
Track Name: Woods
Mystical creatures of the forest,
One of them isn't honest.

Rabbit tells me all about it,
who's lying, who's dying.

Within the city underneath the trees,
lie all of your memories.

Deep down below,
where moles only go.

A sacrifice was made for the woods
and now it's understood.
Track Name: Out in the Cold
We walked the streets without anybody paying attention. We were the ghosts we dreamed of. The untouchables, with nothing or nobody to fear. Slowly threading through cobble-stone streets, bearing nothing but our diligence. Ready to take on the dawn. We were the makers of the night. As scary as it might sound, we were pacifists all the way up to the moment when you would challenge our integrity. We break the shadow in half. Illuminated by the moon we only reveal a portion of our true selves. You have to be brave enough to find out what the other half is made of. Seamlessly blending with the urban posture of century old structures. We don't need to hide. We are amongst you. We are you. Now, tell me. Are you still willing to join us? Are you serious about your decision? This is the decisive moment when you either take the leap of faint or wonder for the rest of your life what secrets were hidden behind the unopened door.

What say you?
Track Name: Blue to Red
Blue goes red,
and green goes dead,
that's what darkness said.

Hearts explode,
veins they implode,
sad is an everlasting mode.

Birds fall down,
bears bury their crown,
all people do is frown.

No friends around,
No birds making a sound,
all people do is frown.

All people do is frown.