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An exploration of a fictitious city that just may or may not be your final destination.


released May 30, 2011

Tomas Samuel Corbeaux




Le Troubadour de Saint Alizee Denmark

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Track Name: Non Compos Mentis
Deep space in all of it's stale motion,
floating as in the vast ocean.

The night draws in closer
you're far
I bet you're a yonder's star.

Traveling with me
at every step i take .

In the city of neon
arrested for an eon.

Batter my hear you will,
but still
to crave for you
and your windmill,
get away with your ill will.

Escape is futile.
There's no more of you.
I don't wanna be sick with this flu.

Rest in peace,
sign my damn release
so I can be free
and finally be able to see
what I couldn't
because of you,
scarred me with your tattoo
you did
and then you hid,

I stood alone there
like a lost kid

and you shut the door
yelled: "Nevermore."

Left me standing in my drenched
left me for the vultures
as a pray
while i was calling
may day

the moment now i replay

Non Compos Mentis
Non Compos Mentis
Non Compos Mentis

was our last kiss.

In Neon City where we are
you're a falling star.

we don't have to pretend,
we can call each other
a lost friend.

Move on
in our lives,
stop telling
each other lies

To get rid of this
strait jacket,
to run around free,
to be you
to be me
that's the purpose
that's the end
of being free
of signing this decree.
Track Name: Neon City
Ladies and gentlemen we're about to land.
Our destination is Neon City.
Please, return your seats to their original position.
Keep your seat belts fastened until the captain turns the sing off.
We appreciate that you've chosen 'Le Troubadour de Saint Alizee'.
Thank you. Have a Nice Day.

I pray,
for the structure that we're in
for all the saints
and their sin,
sitting back in a chair with a grin.

Trying to focus
find my
own locus.

No stationery base in sight,
suns rays begin to bite
the night begins to recite.

it's time to assassinate
the closest doubt
that you ever had

this song might
make you mad.

Entering Neon City,
coming all spruced up
and witty.

The towns' lights luster
find that nob
volume adjuster.

Enter the void
between night and day,
kneel down start to pray.

Petty is your sin,
yet something's crawling underneath your skin.

Look up high into the sky
and start to cry

tears of sorrow,
today, yesterday and tomorrow.

In the city of light,
In the city of right,

there's a new drug
it's a bug,
it pulls the plug.
Track Name: Walking Down the Street
Walking down the street
with a silent echo in my head
with a slight beat.

Trying to focus,
find out what I did the past night.
Something feel into my eye
it doesn't always have to
come from the sky.

Listening to the cars honking,
make themselves a donkey.

Still walking.

Where have I heard this song?
This high pitched sound
sounds like a gong.
Something must have gone wrong.

Let me recollect.
My car had been towed.
I got to be a suspect.

Taken down with a beat,
right in front of your eyes
on the street.
I just wanted something to eat.

Walking down a bit further,
this city,
is gritty,
it's a pity,
must have been pretty.

This must probably be Neon City.

Watch out for Neon City. It's a bit of a dump.
Track Name: Transmitting from an Abyss
a different kind of honesty.

Flickering away the lush,
burring it
with silence in a rush.

Presupposing the inevitable
this fever's becoming irreversible.

Blowing it up,
under a shredded rug.

Anything can happen,
when you least expect it.

Anything can happen,
when you slip.
Starting to transmit.

They haven't found me yet
tied to my own bed.

An unknown boat has landed.

With a crew made of one,
my life has just begun.

Piercing the flesh
with a feeling so fresh.

The windmill keeps on turning,
the winds keep on burning.

I don't care anymore,
moved on with my folklore.

Made it to Neon City
to stand in front a committee.

To admit,
to submit,
ask them to permit,
to let me go from this pit.

Recognize me as a human being,
one that isn't sightseeing.

Ou contrer,
one that's bare.

Stripped away of everything.
Made it passed the guards
to find you locked away
within these yards.

Praying for a day
when your hero will end this foul play.

Broke the bars,
took you from these spaces,
away to far places.

No permission needed from the board
while slaying the lord
with my sword,

We took flight,
exploring the endless night,
your deep sight.

Forever yours,

Forever yours,
my heart you're populating.

Starting off with a kiss,
a shinning bliss,
fished you out from an abyss.

A shinning bliss,
fished you out from an abyss.
Track Name: Think (Stay Smart)
Think before you make another trip somewhere,
think before starting an affair.

Think before you cry
because the second time you won't lie.

Think before you make out,
after the baby's born you'll be ordering take out.
(and watching porn)

Think before you slip
because afterwards it might be hard to touch your lip.

Think before you kill mice,
think about it twice
there's nothing worse than killing your own kind.

It's going to stay on your mind.
Forever and ever,
until death you part.
Think about the tag line.
Stay smart. Stay smart. Stay smart.

Think about buying something from your local mart,
think when you'll be breaking the cashier's heart.

Because beauty isn't for sale,
think about that
when somebody tells you smell.

Think about the future,
think about how much you need to mature.

Think about your life
get back with me,
but without a knife.

Think about something
worth crushing,
think about something nice when blushing.

Think about the crusades,
think about the cascades,
think about nothing,
think about pluming,
think about humming,
think about touching
think about clubbing,
think about drumming.

Man, I don't know what you should think about.
I mean, just think about something, like everybody does. Come on.
Track Name: I'll Find You
Running after you,
I don't care
how far you are,
you're my Northern star.

Fighting away dragons
and the worst scum
to become,
to start drilling,

to the earths core,
to search far away off shore.

Looking for your up high
and down nearby.
Wish that you'd reply.
I'd go as far as Shanghai
and beyond
that's how much I'm fond of you.

Through the rain
and the piercing snow,
you glow.

Spinning to which direction
you might've went
what could be your next intent.

I don't sleep anymore
this reminds me of the cold war.

Lost you in Neon City,
in this valley,
entering a one way alley.

You've disappeared again.
I must be going insane,
but I won't give up,
I'll find you,
where ever you are
I won't say au revoir.
Track Name: We Can't Be Together
We can't be together.
In here,
in this weather.

Holding hands forever,
pushing the unknown lever.

Can you stay with me here
until I disappear.

If we'd be together,
your name could be Heather.

Slightly shy,
always waving goodbye.

and with that receiving.

Making-up stories,
filling up your love inventories.

Slowly reappearing
into the lights,
into hot mid-summer nights.

We can't be together
you don't seem to care
by saying,

Tampering with my heart
by looking so smart

This is a sad sad little world,
sad little world.

Which makes
you lie in your bed all curled.

..and that's why we can't.

We can't be together

We can't be together

We can't be together
(sad little world)

..nobody listens to me anyway..
Track Name: No Doll
Lights are dim,
who's next in line
to suffer from your grin.

You framed me on your wall,
making me the prize of your empty hall.

Treating me like a teddy bear,
playing with me like you don't care.

The lights are dim,
after another bottle of gin.
I don't mind you
and your so-called petty sin, now.

The sun's coming down,
the moon's taking over,
you're coming down,
like a closure,
hanging on your wall,
making me crawl,
I'm no doll, baby.

The sun's coming down,
the moon's taking over,
you're coming down,
like a closure,
hanging on your wall,
making me crawl,
I'm no doll, baby.

The sun's coming down,
the moon's taking over,
you're coming down,
like a closure,
hanging on your wall,
making me crawl,
I'm no doll, baby.

Substituting you for a glassy friend
sending me up the river for all I know to pretend..
Track Name: Made of Stone
The faithful gather,
all they want is to swagger,
killing themselves with the same dagger.

You're left alone,
never to arrive home,
these dark lands to roam,
locked up in this dome,
locked up in this dome,
locked up in this dome,
made of stone.
Track Name: Exit
stage right,
suffering from the loss of hight.

Premature explosions,
finding myself within a myriad of emotions.

All the notions fall
underneath my bed
and after that into my open head.

Transcendent as that may be
I hardly feel any glee.

Superstitious and repetitious
that doesn't sound all that delicious.

Super fly,
to that i'd hardly testify .

Getting aboard a plane,
learned my lesson about the weak link in a chain,
this is my ordain.

stage left,
my heart was accidentally torn out in theft.

The runner dropped it
for a second it was alit,
then just went out without a sound,
dragged away by a hound.

Never to be seen again,
I feel the same sort of chest pain
when drinking champagne.

When retrieving to my grotto,
reading my one line motto.

Over and over,
having the same cards,
unable to find out who stole the red Queen's tarts.

I'll remember Neon City
and all of its parts.
The beauty of side alleys.
The magnificent view of the valleys.
The street perfumers' arts,
all the broken hearts.
Track Name: Bonus: Night (Last Goodbye)
If you were the night,
your eyes would be the moon.

Shining bright
as a bride's groom.

You'd silently whisper
into people's ears,
you'd make the day shed tears.

you're the night
and sunlight
is your biggest fright.

Roaming the streets and forests,
them to come again,
to be honest.

Like the night before,

and the coming months
during which you''ll score,

other halves,
of the whole,
and be growing even more.

Creating a full circle,
making up
for the lost time,
tell me;
will you be mine?

If you were the light,
you'd fear the night.

Once being short,
the other time growing,
being oppressed
by the night without knowing.

you're still the brave one,
you're still the night's honey,
is that silly
is that funny?

You like to play games
with both,
the bride and the groom,
the star and the moon,
you're the day's noon,
and the night soon.

Adored by many,
enjoyed just by a few,
a wish come true.

When night walks,
her body talks.

Wind in night's hair,
the light that shines through,
makes your eyes look too.

A secret
behind them lies,
yet to be unraveled,
you just have to find out
where to travel.

Tell me a story,
in which
I'll stop to worry,
make me stop saying 'Sorry'.

Look the night straight in the eye
and believe her
that we can fly.

Whenever I write,
she won't reply
and hopefully this won't be our last Goodbye.